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THE Ranger's Wife

Jack Walker is a U.S. marshal who prefers dealing with criminals and protecting innocent people rather than playing political games or pandering to his wealthy family back East. But even a self-sufficient man needs a mate... or does he?

Jack can’t help but wonder when his mail-order bride turns out to be one formidable woman, indeed: Piper Renwick. People dance to her tune—and once Jack meets her, he knows why. Smart, savvy, and beautiful, this betrothed of his is just as at home bargaining for lodgings and provisions as she is discussing literature or art. 

With one long look, Piper decides Jack is no real gentleman, and compared to the suave Charles Dewitt, her future husband seems rough, almost uncouth. Then she's kidnapped on their caravan trip from Boston to Detroit and learns first impressions can be deceptive. Only that rugged frontiersman she’s so casually dismissed can save her. 

But will he care enough to try? Maybe she can trust him with her life…but can she ultimately trust him with her heart?