Boulder Brides! All wrapped up into a box set 😍

Boulder Brides Box Set.jpg

Take a journey back in time to the Old West and immerse yourself in the stories of five different women falling in love with cowboys, ranchers, Native Americans, missionaries, and schoolteachers.

These historical western stories are full of fun, romance, adventure, and thought-provoking inspiration, AND stay true to the time period of the 1860s and 70s.

I'm super excited to release my Boulder Brides Series as a box set! If you haven't read any of them yet, now's your chance to get them.

One reader on Pioneer Hearts recently said
"I have loved this series!"
"Can't wait to read more stories from you."

It's only $2.99 for all five books, plus it includes tons of bonus books at the end. So what are you waiting for 😉 

With Love,

Eveline Hart 💗 aka Natalie Dean 😉


If you've already read the series, I would greatly appreciate it if you would head on over to amazon and leave a review on the box set.



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