💝 As promised, Brides and Twins Book One is FREE!!!


Thank you to everyone who bought A Surprise Love, Brides and Twins Book Four! As promised, I've put A Solider's Love, Brides and Twins Book One on FREE promotion for two days only. Today and tomorrow, March 19-20. So download it now if you haven't read it already!

I've also got one new release to tell you about from Ruby Hill. She's a new author, but her books are a fun read! 

A Soldier's Love
Brides and Twins Book One
By Natalie Dean & Eveline Hart
Free March 19-20th

Also, here's that new book by Ruby Hill...
The Bride's Heart
Brides and Promises
$0.99 or Read Free with Kindle Unlimited

One more thing....I have ZERO reviews on my Boulder Brides Box Set! But I've gotten great feedback from those of you who have read it. PLEASE HELP ME OUT! A book's success DEPENDS on those reviews. If you read it and liked it...please head on over and leave an honest review. 

I got the most wonderful Facebook comment from a fan this week. It really touched my heart. She spoke of how my books have helped her get through a really tough time. She and her husband have not been in the best of health. You know who you are if you're reading this! I'm still sending prayers your way. And maybe we can enlist other's on my list to do the same! 😘

God Bless!