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This weeks interesting historical fact:

Valentine's Day in the 1800s:

For most of the early 1800s Valentine's Day wasn't celebrated. However, by 1849 it became hugely popular! In the early church and medieval time period, Saint Valentine had nothing to do with lovers; he was known as a martyr! There was however a lesser known Saint Valentine from Genoa. This Saint Valentine was known among poets as the devine overseer among lovers. Along the way the legend of the two of them became intermingled and became a homage to Christian love. Eventually being overshadowed as a matchmaking and lovers holiday. 

Now, here are this weeks books from author friends of mine...

Beverly: The Butcher's Bride
Stewart House Brides Book 2
By Charity Phillips
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Now for selected books from The Lawkeepers Series...
Lawfully Loved
The Lawkeepers
By Jenna Brandt
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Lawfully Loved (A Texas Lawkeeper Romance)
By Jenna Brandt, The Lawkeepers

Lawfully Matched
The Lawkeepers
By Lorana Hoopes
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Lawfully Matched (A Texas Lawkeeper Romance)
By Lorana Hoopes, The Lawkeepers

And here's your freebie for this week...
An Orphaned Bride and Baby for the Farmer
Frontier Babies and Brides Book 12
By Faith Johnson
FREE at the time of posting

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Saturday!