Elzbieta is falling in love. Problem is…he’s not the man she’s intended to marry.

Elzbieta was supposed to be a rancher’s bride, until her mother sent her disgraced pregnant sister Kasia in her place. Elzbieta was crushed.

Then a letter comes…and she gets her second chance.

Back in Texas, Elzbieta’s other sister Bonnie gets a surprise request. Her former enemy, Linc Duffy, wants to know if she has any other sisters that would consider coming to Texas as his mail-order bride. 

She said YES! And now…Elzbieta is headed to Texas. 

BUT… on her way there a train robbery and an accident on a cattle drive throws things significantly off course.

Now an unexpected twist has her wishing she could marry someone else. Will her wish come true? Or will she have to pass up the love of a lifetime…