1845, Oregon Trail, Independence to Fort Laramie

Lenora grew up on a small family farm outside of Independence, Missouri. As a young girl, she witnessed the first explorers making the courageous journey westward. She longed to be part of the excitement, and at age twenty, she gets her chance.

A giant wagon train is assembling for the two-thousand-mile journey west, and she can go with the Missouri company if she chooses . . .

BUT . . . there’s a group of five free-spirited Irish youngsters who’ve caught her attention, and she decides to buy in with them instead.

Liam, dark-eyed and handsome, is leader of the clan. He’s mysterious and aloof but draws her in, and she wants to know more about him. 

Along the journey, rumors fly over a disappearance, and the verdict looks unfavorable to the Irish. A storm is brewing, and Lenora is beginning to have her own suspicions. Is she in the company of murderers?

Will Liam be the one she’s always dreamed about? Or will heartbreak be coming her way…

Author’s Note: Come along on the wagon train journey of a lifetime that promises everything – big dreams of love, green crops, horses, sheep and cows, large ranches – a new world at their fingertips! Lenora and Liam’s story is just the beginning of this deeply inspiring wagon train romance series . .